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100% Tree-Free: Redi-TagŪ TreeFrogŪ Pop-Up Notes

What's greener than recycled notes? Not having to use trees at all.

Redi-Tag'sŪ TreeFrogŪ Notes are the 1st and only sticky pads made from 100% sugar cane, an abundant renewable resource. TreeFrog notes are never harvested for note production, rather are made from a waste by-product.

TreeFrog notes are smooth, writable and sticky as well as a sustainable alternative to tree-paper notes. Keep using sticky notes, without touching the forest!

Learn more about sustainable TreeFrogŪ paper here:

Learn more about deforestation causes, awareness, and what you can do to help, here:
Item Price Quantity
100% Tree-Free: Redi-TagŪ TreeFrogŪ Pop-Up Notes
104 sheets per pad. Note size 3" x 3". Color: Classic White
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