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About Us

For over 40 years, Redi-Tag has been creating fun and practical “Products for Productive People.” A wide range of Redi-Tag brand products have become indispensable in hospitals, offices, schools and homes all over America.

At Redi-Tag we are strongly committed to quality, technical perfection and innovation.

We believe that our products are the perfect tools for anyone who wants to get organized. So before you tackle that pile of paper, be sure and reach for a Redi-Tag product.

Our uses are as limitless as your paperwork and limited only by your imagination. 

Redi-Tag Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Identity Group, LLC. For more than forty years, Identity Group has led the industry with a steadily growing portfolio of innovative visual identity and communication products. 

Identity Group stands for superior products, created and delivered by people who firmly embrace the "customer for life" approach to doing business.

Redi-Tag is proud to be part of the Identity Group family of companies. Learn more about other Identity Group products please visit